Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Art Class Mural Project

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via Cassie Stephens

I introduced my Year 5 & 6's to the work of Andy Warhol!

They were excited by his pop art and inspired by the bright colours and strange ideas of his work featuring images and icons that they recognised.

This is the project we made in response to his famous Campbell's Soup Can. It was a collaborative class project I found by Cassie Stephens where each student drew and coloured a section of the soup can.

First though, we talked about his life and work in with this presentation I made, and then followed it with a discussion to get their creative ideas flowing.

Discussion Questions:

What is consumerism? Give some examples

If Warhol was alive today, what celebrities, icons, and images might he be using in his art?

They came up with really clever answers like Kim Kardashian, the Facebook 'Like', and the Nike swoosh.

Download this Introduction to Warhol!

What You'll Need:

Intro to Andy Warhol Presentation - Download

Campbell's Soup Can Image - Download


Colour Pencils or Oil Pastels

A4 or A5 White Paper (depending on how large you want the mural to be)


Print the Soup Can, colour it in, and draw a grid on it. I have 32 students so I had to make 32 'sections' on the soup can. You'll have to number each section with a Alphanumerical code so you'll know how to put the sections back in the right order.. Alphabetical columns and numerical rows. ie. E3, 2B etc

So, once you've made a grid, labelled each section, you'll now cut each section.

What To Do:

  1. Students get a coded section, a white piece of paper and a pencil.

  2. Remember to label the paper with the same code as the section.

  3. Use the little section as a reference, and copy the lines, details and colours onto the larger piece of paper.

  4. When all the students have finished, you can arrange all the pieces back together using the codes on the back. Or the students can have fun trying to put it together like a puzzle!

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