Frida Kahlo Portrait Art Project for Kids

Updated: Feb 26

When I first introduced Frida Kahlo to my primary school art classes, they just couldn't get enough of her weird and interesting surrealist paintings and her eclectic fashion style full of colour.

Frida Kahlo is such an inspiration considering how devoted she was to her artwork despite a life full of tragic circumstances.

I started the lesson by watching this video (2 minutes), to give them a few more visuals and let her story sink in. Some of my classes were on days when the school had no internet! So luckily my art lesson pack came in handy as it includes a full set of slides picturing and describing her and her work, no internet needed!

After we watched the video, I set up the screen to show the slide with all her portraits so they had a reference while they created their own self-portraits. When they were finished creating their pieces, those who were finished got to colour in the Frida Kahlo colour theory printable for some extra class time fun.

You'll Need

What To Do

  1. Use the Lesson Pack to learn about Frida Kahlo.

  2. Sketch 4 different versions of a Frida inspired portrait on the Drawing Practice sheet in the Lesson Pack, and choose the best one for the good copy

  3. Draw the portrait on a larger scale on the card stock paper

  4. Colour the portrait in your choice of oil pastels, paint, crayons, pencil crayon.

  5. Once dry, outline the portrait and details with black marker

  6. Have fun finishing up the unit or lesson with a Frida Kahlo portrait colour by numbers activity sheet!


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