Making Warhol Prints

I introduced my Year 6's to the work of Andy Warhol!

Andy Warhol was a celebrity artist in the 60’s & 70’s. He was a printmaker known for creating images about consumerism and popular culture. He was a pioneer for the term ‘Pop Art’. Unsurprisingly they were excited and inspired by the bright colours and strange ideas of his work.

We practiced making our own prints using images similar to Warhol’s style and colours that were often used in his work.

First I talked about his life and work in with this presentation I made, and then followed it with a discussion to get their creative ideas flowing.

Questions to Discuss:

  • What is consumerism? Give some examples

  • If Warhol was alive today, what celebrities, icons, and images might he be using in his art?

What You'll Need:

Intro to Andy Warhol Presentation - Download

Warhol Icon Images PDF - Download



A5 Foam Sheets

Black Cardstock

Acrylic Paint (Assorted Colours)

Printing Rollers OR Sponges

We didn't have rollers, so I demonstrated how to use sponges to lightly dab the paint evenly all over the foam sheets.


Photocopy and cut the icon images into A6 sheets.

Cut the A5 foam sheets in half into A6 sheets.

What to Do:

  1. Each student gets a foam sheet, black cardstock and an icon image of their choice.

  2. Place the icon image over the foam sheet, and firmly trace the image onto the foam. It may rip the paper, that is okay! Just be sure to press firmly so the lines are transferred onto the foam.

  3. TIP: Remember the images will be printed backwards. If your image has words, be sure to trace letters backwards so they are printed the right way.

  4. Once the entire image has been traced, go over the lines again with the pencil to make them deeper and stronger.

  5. Roll or sponge the paint evenly over the foam sheet and press the foam onto the black card. Repeat until 4 images (or more) are printed onto the page.

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